The Most Important GIFs From Week 15

Apologies to all for missing last week, but I hope you can understand that when your favorite team loses to the Oakland Raiders you need like 10 days to go through the appropriate stages of loss, grief and smashing things. I remember earlier this season when I still had my sanity; it was just after […]

The Most Important GIFs of Week 13

After a week off for Thanksgiving, I’m back and ready more than ever for mediocre writing and more GIFs. Get excited. By the way, if you’re wondering what my emotional state was during the 49ers-Seahawks game on Thanksgiving night, just watch this on a loop and you’ll get the basic gist of it:     […]

The Most Important GIFs From Week 11

All Hail Chris Borland Edition   Before we go ANY further… Chris Borland. Just seeing his name typed gives me goosebumps. Since becoming one of the 49ers’ starting linebackers in Week 7, Borland has amassed 56 tackles in four games, adding two interceptions against the Giants last Sunday (we’ll get back to this). The dude’s […]

The Most Important GIFs From Week 10

It’s insane to think that just a few weeks ago Geno Smith was a starting quarterback and Mark Sanchez was not. (Thinking…) Nevermind, no it’s not. You know what’s actually insane, though? It’s been more than two weeks without a J.J. Watt GIF, guys. And no one has even made a big deal about this. […]

The Most Important GIFs From Week 9

Similar to the 49ers performance against the Rams on Sunday, I decided to mail it in this week, so don’t expect too much effort. But before we begin I’d like to pose a question to you all. This comes courtesy of Green Bay Packers offensive lineman T.J. Lang: Has anyone ever blocked a punt in madden? […]

The Most Important GIFs of Week 8

Since the 49ers were on a bye this past week, I debated taking a one-week hiatus myself. Then I remembered that the 49ers basically played like they were on a bye in last week’s game against the Broncos, and since I still wrote a post after that debacle I suppose it’s only fair that I […]

The Kobe Bryant Crossroads: What’s the best move for his legacy?

For more of our 2014 NBA preview, click here.   Following the news that Steve Nash is out for the entire 2014-15 season with another one of those dad-type injuries, there was really only one option: talk about Kobe Bryant. Here’s a thing about me – I don’t enjoy watching my favorite teams play in […]

The Most Important GIFs From Week 7

Wow, seven weeks in! The season is flying by! It feels like just yesterday the NFL was pretending to care about domestic abuse and women’s safety. But hey, now that everyone’s wearing pink for breast cancer awareness we can put the real issues on the back burner while we watch grown men smash their skulls together. […]

The Most Important GIFs From Week 6

Quite an enjoyable Week 6 in the NFL, if you ask me. Not only did the Seahawks lose (and at home), but the Giants got blanked in Philadelphia and the 49ers held on to win a squeaker Monday Night. This was a good weekend. Cue Ice Cube.   10. The faces of Chip Kelly. When I was first […]

The 10 Most Important GIFs From Week 5

I was forced decided to go wine tasting and pumpkin picking with my girlfriend and some friends this weekend, so I wasn’t able to catch all of the action Sunday. If I missed anything, please accept my sincerest apologies in the form of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s glorious beard:   Alright, let’s get to the action.   […]