What Is Back of the Jersey?

Back of the Jersey is an NBA and NFL blog that takes you beyond the highlights and into the lives and stories behind the players, coaches and teams that make up each league. We will present you with compelling content that will move you to re-assess how you view certain players and teams against each league’s decorated history and its players. We go beyond the game and the current news. We go deeper than this….we go beyond the team name on the front of the jersey, and explore the lives, talents and personalities of the players both past and present.


Learn More About the Players and Coaches That Make Up Your Favorite Teams

Too many sites focus on the news surrounding current winning streaks, injuries, feuds and statistics. Our goal here at Back of the Jersey is to present you with information and case studies that go beyond the current news and will remain relevant for months and years to come. We’re not here to cover last night’s Celtics game or last weekend’s AFC Championship game. We will examine these games within the larger context of each team’s place in history and what this means for the players, coaches and fans involved. We make our living crunching numbers and delivering insights. We will strive to do the same here at Back of the Jersey.