NBA Playoff Memories: A Look Back at our Favorite Moments

The NBA playoffs are cranking into high gear. After a tepid start to the first round, most of the match-ups quickly gained steam. Two first round series went the full 7 games (Toronto/Indiana & Miami/Charlotte) while two other series went 6 games (Atlanta/Boston & Los Angeles/Portland). First round teams that lost, combined to win 12 […]

3 Surprises at the NBA’s Midway Point

From the improved Eastern conference, to the top heavy Western conference, the 2015-2016 NBA season has had some interesting surprises. Here are my top 3. 1.) The Dominance of the Warriors & Spurs With this NBA season featuring a lot of inconsistent play and plenty of injuries, the Warriors and Spurs have avoided both of […]

2015-16 NBA Season Preview: A BOTJ Discussion

As we embark on another NBA season, it is now time for the Back of the Jersey staff to offer up some predictions.  One of the more exciting off-seasons in recent memory brought new faces to new places.  Which coaches, players, and teams will stand out this year? Tyler Michels Team to watch: Los Angeles […]

How LeBron’s First Dozen Years Stack Up Against The Greats

I’m fascinated by history and how careers transcend different eras, styles of play and rules changes. It’s absolutely impossible to measure apples-for-apples the careers of Bill Russell and Tim Duncan, and Kobe Bryant against Dr. J. In this case, I’m going to compare the careers of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, through their […]

An Orange and Blueprint: The Knick Fan’s Guide To The 2015 Off-Season

A detailed, comprehensive plan to improve the Knicks – now and into the future. Let me start off by explaining what inspired me to write such an article about the Knicks off-season plans. Despite the impending draft and free agency being covered at nausea by bloggers and mainstream sports media alike, I have been waiting […]

Fifteen Years of Garden Ringmasters

The Rangers, the Knicks, and those who have run MSG since the century’s turn. It was the summer of 1994. New York sports fans over the age of 30 remember it quite well. The Rangers, mired in a 54 year Stanley Cup drought, won the ultimate prize. The championship ended the drought and cemented players […]

April 30th, 1992 – The “Lister Blister”

There’s a thing that really bothers me with professional sports. Specifically, certain fans of professional sports. If you’ve been a fan of something your whole life, your experience is obviously going to be more extensive and just plain different than someone first being introduced to it. Not that every johnny-come-lately is less of a fan; […]

Triple Threat Weekly: 2015 NBA Playoffs Outlook

With the NBA regular season coming to a close Wednesday, and the NBA playoffs starting up this Saturday, the most exciting action is finally here. In this week’s Triple Threat, Tyler and Jim bring in their Back of the Jersey colleague, Rory, to make some playoff predictions. Reader Warning: With how wide-open this year’s playoff […]

Air Canada: A Look Back at the Unparalleled Career of Vince Carter

A year ago I wrote that we should enjoy what could be the last we see of Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan, two of the best power forwards to ever play the game. Well they’re still playing, albeit only Duncan is still playing at a ridiculously high level. I don’t think the same will be true […]

Triple Threat Weekly: Bringing Home the Hardware

In this week’s NBA Triple Threat Weekly, Tyler and Jim explore this year’s top performers. Despite a long list of candidates for league MVP, Rookie of the Year and Coach of the Year – the Back of the Jersey duo dish out their season ending awards. Coach of the Year Candidates: Steve Kerr (Golden State […]