NBA Playoff Memories: A Look Back at our Favorite Moments

The NBA playoffs are cranking into high gear. After a tepid start to the first round, most of the match-ups quickly gained steam. Two first round series went the full 7 games (Toronto/Indiana & Miami/Charlotte) while two other series went 6 games (Atlanta/Boston & Los Angeles/Portland). First round teams that lost, combined to win 12 […]

The Silent Opinion: The Case Against Football

When it comes to the NFL and the sport of football, ignorance is bliss. Everyone loves football, right? Check the Nielsen ratings, highlights of Sports Center, or even your local news and you will quickly find out – everyone loves football. The NFL brand, or as Commissioner Roger Goodell likes to say, The Shield has […]

3 Surprises at the NBA’s Midway Point

From the improved Eastern conference, to the top heavy Western conference, the 2015-2016 NBA season has had some interesting surprises. Here are my top 3. 1.) The Dominance of the Warriors & Spurs With this NBA season featuring a lot of inconsistent play and plenty of injuries, the Warriors and Spurs have avoided both of […]

Replacing Coughlin Won’t Be Easy – Just Ask The Jacksonville Jaguars

Despite the Giants shortcomings over the last few seasons, a proven NFL head coach isn’t walking through the door at MetLife Stadium to replace the 2x Super Bowl Champion Tom Coughlin. Who Replaces Coughlin? As the Giants begin their search to replace head coach Tom Coughlin, keep in mind that they won’t be swapping a […]

Top 5 NFL Playoff Storylines that No One is Talking About

I hope the NFL playoffs far surpass the quality of the product that was on display during the regular season. As I documented in October, the regular season was a sloppy mess, highlighted by teams trotting out four different quarterbacks (Houston, Dallas & Baltimore), injuries to innumerable star players on both sides of the ball […]

A Giant Season of Blunders

The New York Giants 2015 season was full of potential – until they blew nearly every game. They were down 35-7 vs. the undefeated Panthers, but let’s be honest: they should have been winning. It seemed like such an unlikely story for Big Blue. The Giants don’t usually lose until the last two minutes of […]

The Most Important GIFs From Week 10

Hey! Welcome back. I’M back! GIFS ARE BACK!! I know you were worried – so was I. What happened to me, you ask? First off, my favorite team in all of major sports is the San Francisco 49ers, and they’ve had, well, a rough go lately. Since last we GIF-ed, they’ve imploded 2007-Britney Spears’ style and […]

NFL Midseason Report

As we find ourselves already at the halfway point of the 2015-16 NFL season, the Back of the Jersey team looks at some of the most disappointing and surprising teams in the NFL this season.  Rory Goulding   Most Disappointing   AFC – Miami Dolphins It has to be the Dolphins, right? This team was […]

2015-16 NBA Season Preview: A BOTJ Discussion

As we embark on another NBA season, it is now time for the Back of the Jersey staff to offer up some predictions.  One of the more exciting off-seasons in recent memory brought new faces to new places.  Which coaches, players, and teams will stand out this year? Tyler Michels Team to watch: Los Angeles […]

My Thoughts on the NFL Season Through Week 5

I craft this post as I’m lying down in my empty apartment in the West Loop of Chicago. I have nothing but a 50” Vizio TV in front of me and pillow underneath my achy back to get me through the next two hours of writing. The last month has been absolute mayhem…in a great way, […]