About Jim Armstrong

Jim is a life-long sports fan and split his childhood between the ‘burbs of Chicago and central NJ, while throwing in a summer living outside of Boston into the mix. This explains his passion for the 90′s Bulls, late 90′s/early 00′s Knicks and late 00′s Celtics (he will explain in a future post). Jim never played a minute of college basketball or football but did complete a Tough Mudder recently and continues to play in basketball leagues year-round. If this doesn’t make him an expert, then I don’t know what does. Jim crunches numbers for a living and enjoys applying these analytical skills to his sports obsessions. In his free time, Jim enjoys spending time with his family, fishing and writing.

NBA Playoff Memories: A Look Back at our Favorite Moments

The NBA playoffs are cranking into high gear. After a tepid start to the first round, most of the match-ups quickly gained steam. Two first round series went the full 7 games (Toronto/Indiana & Miami/Charlotte) while two other series went 6 games (Atlanta/Boston & Los Angeles/Portland). First round teams that lost, combined to win 12 […]

Top 5 NFL Playoff Storylines that No One is Talking About

I hope the NFL playoffs far surpass the quality of the product that was on display during the regular season. As I documented in October, the regular season was a sloppy mess, highlighted by teams trotting out four different quarterbacks (Houston, Dallas & Baltimore), injuries to innumerable star players on both sides of the ball […]

NFL Midseason Report

As we find ourselves already at the halfway point of the 2015-16 NFL season, the Back of the Jersey team looks at some of the most disappointing and surprising teams in the NFL this season.  Rory Goulding   Most Disappointing   AFC – Miami Dolphins It has to be the Dolphins, right? This team was […]

2015-16 NBA Season Preview: A BOTJ Discussion

As we embark on another NBA season, it is now time for the Back of the Jersey staff to offer up some predictions.  One of the more exciting off-seasons in recent memory brought new faces to new places.  Which coaches, players, and teams will stand out this year? Tyler Michels Team to watch: Los Angeles […]

My Thoughts on the NFL Season Through Week 5

I craft this post as I’m lying down in my empty apartment in the West Loop of Chicago. I have nothing but a 50” Vizio TV in front of me and pillow underneath my achy back to get me through the next two hours of writing. The last month has been absolute mayhem…in a great way, […]

How LeBron’s First Dozen Years Stack Up Against The Greats

I’m fascinated by history and how careers transcend different eras, styles of play and rules changes. It’s absolutely impossible to measure apples-for-apples the careers of Bill Russell and Tim Duncan, and Kobe Bryant against Dr. J. In this case, I’m going to compare the careers of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, through their […]

Triple Threat Weekly: 2015 NBA Playoffs Outlook

With the NBA regular season coming to a close Wednesday, and the NBA playoffs starting up this Saturday, the most exciting action is finally here. In this week’s Triple Threat, Tyler and Jim bring in their Back of the Jersey colleague, Rory, to make some playoff predictions. Reader Warning: With how wide-open this year’s playoff […]

Air Canada: A Look Back at the Unparalleled Career of Vince Carter

A year ago I wrote that we should enjoy what could be the last we see of Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan, two of the best power forwards to ever play the game. Well they’re still playing, albeit only Duncan is still playing at a ridiculously high level. I don’t think the same will be true […]

Triple Threat Weekly: Bringing Home the Hardware

In this week’s NBA Triple Threat Weekly, Tyler and Jim explore this year’s top performers. Despite a long list of candidates for league MVP, Rookie of the Year and Coach of the Year – the Back of the Jersey duo dish out their season ending awards. Coach of the Year Candidates: Steve Kerr (Golden State […]

Triple Threat Weekly: Rounding Out the Regular Season

Jim and Tyler begin to wind down the regular season. For this week, they take a look at the fringe playoff teams in the East and West, their pick for ‘turnaround team’ next season, and Lance Stephenson…because seriously, what the hell has happened to Lance Stephenson? Which bubble teams in both the East and West […]