The Most Important GIFs From Week 11

Chris Borland

All Hail Chris Borland Edition


Before we go ANY further… Chris Borland. Just seeing his name typed gives me goosebumps. Since becoming one of the 49ers’ starting linebackers in Week 7, Borland has amassed 56 tackles in four games, adding two interceptions against the Giants last Sunday (we’ll get back to this). The dude’s only a rookie, too!! He’s becoming already is an American hero. Well at least to me, which is the only thing that matters in these posts. I came, literally, one click away from buying his jersey after the game on Sunday, but my girlfriend guilted me out of buying it.1 Strike one.

Let’s get to the GIFs.


10. That time Tony Siragusa strangled NFL rules expert Mike Pereira.

Yeah, sure, maybe this isn’t from Week 11, but Week 11 is when it was brought to my attention, so Week 11 is when I bring it to you.


Context does not matter; it is irrelevant in this situation. Tony Siragusa is an insane person. That is all.



9. Emmanuel Sanders, Rest in Peace.

I’m not kidding when I say that – for a while, someone really edited his Wikipedia page to say that he died on Sunday.

Emmanuel Sanders Dead



8. Saints Fans: The Worst Fans.

Alright maybe not all of them, or even most of them, but take look at this guy:


Seriously, how can anyone act like this? Why doesn’t a normal human step in here and defeat this jackass? Supposedly, this guy showed zero remorse after being interviewed postgame, with his wife (?? someone married this clown??) stepping in and defending his asshole-ness with this quote:

“It’s a free for all, something like with Mardi Gras…When a coconut is tossed or beads are tossed everybody goes for it.”

…uh, what?

At least one good samaritan at the game found this woman a ball, though. Bravo.




7. J.J. Watt is back, and he’s making insane catches now.

I don’t really know why I was ever worried that I would never see him in this post again – J.J. Watt was always coming back. Actually, he never went away.

You know what else? This is the FOURTH touchdown Watt has scored this season. If that isn’t already impressive by itself, consider the players that he’s scored more than in 2014:

  • Calvin Johnson
  • AJ Green
  • Lesean McCoy
  • Adrian Peterson
  • Robert Griffin III
  • Tim Tebow
  • Chris Borland




5. The Rob Gronkowski Show.

Rob Gronkowski is basically the offensive version of J.J. Watt, just less serious and with about 35% of the brainpower.

Gronk TD

When you get blocked so far out of bounds that you collide with the cameraman post, well… actually, I can’t even think of an insult. That just sucks.

Especially when you see Gronk dancing like this on the sidelines:

Gronk Dance

The look of contempt on Belichick’s face in the background is my favorite part.

Speaking of dancing…



4. Offensive lineman touchdown dancing, anyone?

I’ve always been curious about what goes through an offensive lineman’s head when he gets the rare goal-line play called for him. If it’s me in that position, the first 30 seconds of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” would be on repeat in my head. For Colts offensive tackle Anthony Castanzo it’s something different, I assume. Otherwise, he probably does a different celebration than the one above. Like, for example, something not completely weird.2



3. Brandon Marshall calls his shot.

Brandon Marshall TD

What can you really do if you’re on defense in this situation? Just, like, cry??



2. The Eagles’ Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bay Day.

I assume before Sunday’s game in Green Bay started, Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez was approached by a Packers player and had this exchange:

Random Packers Player: “Yo, dude, don’t you remember you’re the same guy who butt fumbled?”
Mark Sanchez: “Oh wow, that WAS me, wasn’t it?”
Random Packers Player: “Yeah…”
Mark Sanchez:


Aside from losing to the Packers by the approximate score of Infinity to 3, the Eagles also had issues with doing simple football things. Like kicking the ball:

Eagles kicker fall


Later, defensive tackle Bennie Logan decides he’s had enough of the referee telling him where to lineup before the snap:

Eagles lineman touched




1. Eli Manning, who else could it be this week?

I had the pleasure of seeing this game live, although the game itself wasn’t exactly a pleasure. When Eli Manning throws five interceptions and you only barely escape with a six-point victory, that’s less of win and more of a non-loss. If that makes sense.

Chris Borland INT 1


Eli Pick Wilhoite

Eli must’ve known I was at the game, which is why he tried extra hard to ensure a 49ers victory. Much appreciated, Eli.3 Why would I only show two of his five INTs, you ask? That’s a good point. Here’s a GIF of all five.

Eli Manning 5 INTs


I’ll say this every week if I have to: this idiot somehow won two effing Super Bowls. Damn it all.





Football, game of excitement!

Kraft Asleep Sleeping Bears Fan



Not everyone can handle chewing tobacco:



Some NFL players are big, some NFL players are small.

Branden Oliver King Dunlap



Fan of week: The kid who dressed up like Chargers’ safety Eric Weddle:


Eric Weddle Kid



A timeline of Tom Coughlin’s face in the cold (visual approximation):

Coughlin 1

Coughlin 3

NFC Championship: New York Giants v Green Bay Packers

Indiana Jones Face Melt



Rory, if you could pick just one image to describe the Cleveland Browns franchise, what would it be?


I’m glad you asked me that question. It would be this:

Browns fan Bottle



See you guys next week!


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