The Most Important GIFs From Week 9


Similar to the 49ers performance against the Rams on Sunday, I decided to mail it in this week, so don’t expect too much effort. But before we begin I’d like to pose a question to you all. This comes courtesy of Green Bay Packers offensive lineman T.J. Lang:

He couldn’t be more right with this. Has anyone EVER, in the history of John Madden Football, successfully blocked a punt without cheating? Please comment below this post if you have, it’s something I really need to know.



10. Hey, Vikings fans, what’s one of the last things you’d want to see your wide-open star receiver doing?

Cordarrelle Patterson Catch

You guessed, “covering his head and eyes right before catching a probable touchdown pass”? Good job, you guessed right! Cordarrelle Patterson’s had a rough season. Maybe I need to meet up with him and shake his hand again.



9. The Pittsburgh Steelers Punter/Kicker Duo was not effing around on Sunday Night.

First, punter Brad King somehow turns a muffed extra point into a successful two-point conversion.

Inline image 5

Then King, along with kicker Shaun Suisham, plays the role of enforcer by muscling some dude out of a goal-line fight.

This might be the time to re-evaluate your NFL career, #41 on the Ravens.



8. Marshawn Lynch goes beast-mode for a touchdown. Whatever.

Quick question for Kevin Harlan: does Marshawn Lynch ever quit?

Watching this live, my brother made a great observation – at what point do they blow the play dead for forward progress being stopped? Why can nothing bad ever happen to the Seattle Seahawks?

The trend of pro-Seahawks plays showing up in this post needs to stop, because it’s becoming a detriment to my health similar to the way that every 49ers game this season has almost led to me experiencing my first heart palpitations. Here’s a throwback Tuesday to prove that Marshawn was funny and cool before coming to Seattle:

By the way, remember Kenny Mayne? Where did he go?



7. Anthony Fasano makes the most incredibly hilarious touchdown catch of the season.

And, of course, it comes against the New York Jets.

Speaking of…



6. Mark Sanchez is alive and well. No, for real.

You may not remember Mark Sanchez.1 He’s the butt fumble guy, the hot dog eating guy, the guy the Jets released in favor of Geno Smith.2 Guess what? He’s still in the league:

Sanchez Maclin bomb Sanchez TD Matthews

And this past Sunday he played, well, kinda good, which makes me as surprised and confused as you are.

Mark Sanchez celebrate

I can’t remember the last time he was able to celebrate like this. Is there anything that he did to remind us of the OLD Mark Sanchez?

Running into his own lineman and falling down. Ah, now that’s more like it.



5. Patriots switch personnel on 4th down, the entire field turns into complete chaos.

Patriots Broncos 4th & 1

Unrelated but sort of related: Patriots fans unsuccessfully attempting to high five:

These guys DEFINITELY have Ben-Affleck-in-Good-Will-Hunting accents. That’s not a compliment.



4. New York Giants fans do a collective Eli Manning face.

Presented without comment.

Giants Fans Eli Face



3. Mike Evans throws some shade at former-teammate Johnny Manziel.

Mike Evans money

Props to Mike Evans for mocking the most exhausted, over-hyped celebration currently in the world of sports. If you have a friend that’s still doing this – that person is no longer worthy of your friendship. If YOU’RE the person still doing this take a good, long look in the mirror and then slap yourself in the face. Hard. I’d also recommend you go out and buy some Ed Hardy attire and Axe body spray, but you’re probably the type of person that already has that stuff.



2. Rams linebacker Darren Bates is just a liiiitle offsides.

I won’t lie – I thought this was pretty cool, though.

Rams FG Side Angle Rams FG Back Angle

If I were the one jumping offsides, I’d just try and kick the ball as far as I could in the opposite direction. But that’s just me.

The rest of the internet seemed to have a good time with Bates’ encroachment, too:

Let’s not talk about the rest of what happened in this game. Moving on.



1. A Mama June lookalike felt like snapping some photos at the Eagles/Texans game, but wasn’t prepared for the possibility of a football coming in her direction.

Eagles-Texans Camera Woman Face

If you were ever curious about what it would like if that creepy mom from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo decided to attend an NFL game and had a football land in her vicinity, here it is:

Eagles-Texans Camera Woman Face

I just cannot stop looking at this woman’s “oh my God I might poop myself” face of fear. I feel bad for thinking it’s so funny. Actually, I don’t feel bad.




The 49ers might’ve lost this week, but at least our team didn’t tweet out something like this:



The Houston Texans offense, in a nutshell.



Patriots head coach Bill Belichick’s attitude on happiness, in a nutshell.

This is an oldie, but it’s still great.



The week in weirdo NFL fans:

IMG_0009 IMG_0011 Dolphins Mascot Chiefs fan bananas

I’d like to spend an afternoon with that last guy in the banana suit.3



Anyone who says Peyton Manning doesn’t play well under pressure is lying, because, apparently, he’s always under pressure.

Manning forehead



The face you make when, even though you’re dressed like Andre from The League, you’re team has the best record in the NFL so it doesn’t matter.

Bruce Arians Hat



The face you make when you’re about to start in an NFL game and you remember that you’re Brandon Weeden.

Brandon Weeden face

I feel like he might’ve been wearing that same expression ever since he left Cleveland.





The face you make after you get a text from your girlfriend that says, “we need to talk”.

Rams Wide Eyed



See you guys next week!


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