NBA Preview: Back of the Jersey Collaboration

For more of our 2014 NBA preview, click here.   Jim Armstrong If the Mavericks vs. Spurs game is any indication, we’re in for a great NBA season. The Rick Carlisle led Mavericks match up well with the Spurs and compete with them better than any other team in the league (as evidenced by their 7-game […]

Why I’m Psyched for the NBA Season – Wide Open West

The NBA snuck up on me. I have chatted with many of my buddies during the last couple of weeks and they all echo the same sentiments. I’m excited for the season if nothing else because this marks the beginning of an incredible six months in sports. The NFL and NBA overlap for 3+ months, […]

The Kobe Bryant Crossroads: What’s the best move for his legacy?

For more of our 2014 NBA preview, click here.   Following the news that Steve Nash is out for the entire 2014-15 season with another one of those dad-type injuries, there was really only one option: talk about Kobe Bryant. Here’s a thing about me – I don’t enjoy watching my favorite teams play in […]

D-Fish & J-Kidd: A Word Regarding Those Who Have Never Coached

In no other sport do first time head coaches enter the league with absolutely zero overall coaching experience. Why the NBA cherishes the name over X’s and O’s. In what professional sport can a player retire, and within a few months be considered, and ultimately selected, as the head coach? If you guessed the NBA, […]