The Most Important GIFs From Week 10

Hey! Welcome back. I’M back! GIFS ARE BACK!! I know you were worried – so was I. What happened to me, you ask? First off, my favorite team in all of major sports is the San Francisco 49ers, and they’ve had, well, a rough go lately. Since last we GIF-ed, they’ve imploded 2007-Britney Spears’ style and […]

The Most Important GIFs From Week 15

Apologies to all for missing last week, but I hope you can understand that when your favorite team loses to the Oakland Raiders you need like 10 days to go through the appropriate stages of loss, grief and smashing things. I remember earlier this season when I still had my sanity; it was just after […]

The 10 Most Important GIFs From Week 2

After another exciting weekend in the NFL, let’s, again, run down the most important GIFs from this past week.   10. James Jones (Current Raider) Doing Raider Things. Rashad Jennings (Former Raider) Still Doing Raider Things.   First, James Jones fumbles not once, but twice on the same play. Across the country, former-Raider Rashad Jennings […]

Idiot American Explains: World Cup Jerseys

    I’ll start with this: the only takeaways from my younger soccer experiences were that A) I hated playing, and B) the jerseys, especially the World Cup ones, were really cool looking. That’s it. To be fair, I did attempt to play a few times, but my frustration at either never getting the ball, […]