About Ryan McCormick

Ryan is an avid sports fan, and is willing to play or watch just about any sport ever created. He grew up playing baseball which helps explain his particular enjoyment of the sport, and love of the Yankees. As an Economics and English major in college, he developed a strong interest in writing, especially creative pieces. Ryan currently lives and works in New York City.

The Silent Opinion: The Case Against Football

When it comes to the NFL and the sport of football, ignorance is bliss. Everyone loves football, right? Check the Nielsen ratings, highlights of Sports Center, or even your local news and you will quickly find out – everyone loves football. The NFL brand, or as Commissioner Roger Goodell likes to say, The Shield has […]

The Hype, The Fame, The Fortune: Understanding the Complexity of Modern Day Athletes

We like to think of our favorite professional sports stars as super human. Reassessing that philosophy may go a long way in understanding the modern professional athlete. Ancient Greek civilization is remembered, among other things, for Greek Mythology, a collection of teachings and myths which commonly documented the accomplishments of gods and heroes. Of these […]

The Impending Sports Analytics Doom

How the latest obsession with statistics and data are sapping the drama from our sports world. Following the dramatic conclusion of the Super Bowl a couple of months ago, the sports world exploded into a frenzy of overreaction. Most notably, the final sequence of events, in which Seattle’s offense elected to throw the ball on […]