The Hype, The Fame, The Fortune: Understanding the Complexity of Modern Day Athletes

We like to think of our favorite professional sports stars as super human. Reassessing that philosophy may go a long way in understanding the modern professional athlete. Ancient Greek civilization is remembered, among other things, for Greek Mythology, a collection of teachings and myths which commonly documented the accomplishments of gods and heroes. Of these […]

The Impending Sports Analytics Doom

How the latest obsession with statistics and data are sapping the drama from our sports world. Following the dramatic conclusion of the Super Bowl a couple of months ago, the sports world exploded into a frenzy of overreaction. Most notably, the final sequence of events, in which Seattle’s offense elected to throw the ball on […]

Rewriting Sports History

Here’s how winning (or winning more) can change a career. Five athletes who could benefit from rewriting the sports record books.   5. Ken Griffey, Jr. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: 13-Time All-Star 1997 AL MVP 10-Time Gold Glove Award Batting average .284 Hits 2,781 Home runs 630 Runs batted in 1,836 When Ken Griffey, Jr. first appeared […]

A Look Back at 2013 and our Christmas Wishes for 2014

Christmas Giving: James Dolan By: Tyler Michels This holiday season, let’s give New York Knicks owner James Dolan a brain. For Christmas, this Knicks fan is in the giving spirit. I’m giving James Dolan a brain this year. We all know, he really he needs it. At this point in the 2013-2014 NBA season, we […]

New Stadiums Suck

After getting caught up in the aura of a shiny new arena or ballpark, just admit it.  New stadiums suck, and here’s why: It was the summer of 2006, and for our family vacation we did what the 14-year-old kid wanted to do: take a trip down the East coast to several different baseball stadiums […]

My Top 5 Most Hated Professional Athletes

As a New York sports fan, the list could be endless. I narrow it down to the top 5 athletes I despise. 5. Martin Brodeur As a career New Jersey Devil, Martin Brodeur has been routinely beating the Rangers since I was born (1991). He touts a career record of 48-30 against the Blue Shirts, […]

Inside the Industry of Sports Gambling

Sports betting, and mainly Fantasy Football, has taken off in recent years. Here’s the scoop on the wave of Sports Gambling. Sports gambling is illegal across much of the United States, but that has not stopped people from taking part. Sports betting and now the craze of fantasy football makes it seem like just about […]

Where Careers Go to Die: The Worst Franchises in Sports

As a professional athlete in 2013, there are some organizations that just scream turmoil, ineptitude and utter lack of solidarity and direction. When Charles Woodson was cut from the Green Bay Packers last spring, I thought this was a perfect opportunity for the soon to be 37-year old safety to sign a one or two […]