Week 8 Picks – The League That We’ll Never Figure Out

Rory Goulding You probably don’t know this, but Peyton Manning is a very good quarterback. I wasn’t sure of it either until he made my favorite team look like a bunch of 8th graders last Sunday night. STATS! Through his first 38 games in Denver, Manning’s thrown 111 touchdown passes. If that number doesn’t impress […]

Week 7 Thursday Night Picks & Story Lines From the First 6 Weeks

Rory Goulding Let’s, briefly, talk about Tom Brady still being an elite quarterback. This has all been acknowledged; been said in countless articles and blogs and video hits, but it warrants mentioning again. In sports world where Skip Bayless can declare that Tom Brady is no longer a star-level quarterback by blindly looking at his […]

Week 6 Thursday Night Picks & A Look at the QB Situation Across the League

Jim Armstrong Remember a year and a half ago when the Texans were coming off a divisional loss to the New England Patriots and a dominating 12-win season? The Texans were bringing back their core guys and were poised to dominate the AFC and take the next step in their journey from expansion franchise in […]

The Clash of Sports and Politics

Recent sports news has become less about the competition on the field, and more about politics. Here is how the NFL dropped the ball on creating meaningful change. April 15th, 1947 is a day that baseball fans worldwide cherish. It was on this day that the Brooklyn Dodgers stood up to racial segregation in Major […]

Week 4 – Already a Quarter Done with the NFL Season

Jim Armstrong: I don’t want to belabor the Roger Goodell should be fired point but I must be taking crazy pills – the wrong guy was suspended! On Wednesday, September 24th multiple news outlets announced that Bill Simmons had been suspended for three weeks due to his comments on his weekly podcast (the BS Report) […]

Week 3 Picks & General Sentiments Towards the No Fault League

  Jim Armstrong: With each passing day I’m finding myself more and more disgusted with the National Football League. Rory Goulding was incredibly accurate and prescient in his assessment of Roger Goodell’s 8-year reign over the NFL in last week’s Thursday picks post: he’s been dreadful as the league’s commissioner. Let’s rewind the clock nearly […]

Week 2 Thursday Night NFL Picks: Rivalry Week

Rory Goulding: The Ravens were my pick to win the AFC North when the season began, and despite a Week 1 hiccup against the Bengals, I still like that pick. The Ravens have a little underrated tone to their season this year, and I think the Bengals reign at the top of this division ends […]

Rewriting Sports History

Here’s how winning (or winning more) can change a career. Five athletes who could benefit from rewriting the sports record books.   5. Ken Griffey, Jr. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: 13-Time All-Star 1997 AL MVP 10-Time Gold Glove Award Batting average .284 Hits 2,781 Home runs 630 Runs batted in 1,836 When Ken Griffey, Jr. first appeared […]

Spinning the “Could Have Been” Wheel

Three cautionary “what-if” teams from the past twenty years Although Jim Armstrong already outlined some of the better known “what-if” teams from the last two decades, here’s a look at three more that had unlucky bounces, unfortunate events, or just plain incompetence derail their bright futures and thwart their chance at greatness.   2011-12 San […]

Manziel’s Magic: Why Johnny Football will be Johnny the Great

30 players will attend Thursday night’s NFL Draft. Some of them will wait and wait, anticipating, hoping and praying to be selected in the first round. Some of them won’t be. Johnny Manziel will be one of the 30 players in attendance. And he will be selected in the first round. If the Texans are […]