BOTJ Bracket Challenge 2015

It’s that time of the year again, March Madness is upon us! Join our BOTJ Tournament Challenge on ESPN to compete against us, and invite your friends. Just follow this link: Or search for “Back of the Jersey” in ESPN’s Tournament Challenge. It’s free, why wouldn’t you do it? Even Ethel from accounting is […]

Triple Threat Weekly: Sorting through the East

Welcome back to Triple Threat Weekly! This week, Jim Armstrong and Tyler Michels will continue their NBA discussion by sorting through the mediocre Eastern Conference. Who are the pretenders, who can we see making a playoff run, and who is our December choice for the NBA Finals? Who are your pretenders in the Eastern Conference? […]

Weekly 14 Thursday Night Picks: Just What Dallas Ordered: Hapless Chicago

Jim Armstrong There’s no two ways about it, Jay Cutler is who he is at 31 years old – an erratic, turnover prone QB who has one career playoff win. Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson both are Super Bowl winning QB’s. Through nearly 9 seasons, Cutler sports 1 career playoff win and a ghastly 1-11 career […]

Week 11 Thursday Night Picks: Realization that Football is in the Stretch Run

Jim Armstrong Of the 12 playoff teams that qualified for the playoffs last season, four of those teams (Green Bay, San Francisco, Carolina & San Diego) are currently on the outside of the playoff picture looking in. With that being said, all of these teams are within striking distance of a wild card spot or […]

Week 10 Thursday Night Football Picks & The State of the AFC North

Jim Armstrong Who predicted that the AFC North, with an aggregate 21 wins through week 9, would be the strongest division in the NFL. Heck the 2012 Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens (who still have 8 starters from that Super Bowl team) are in the cellar of the division, at 5-4, after dropping each of […]

Week 9 Thursday Picks – Halfway Done with the NFL

Jim Armstrong First off, congratulations to the San Francisco Giants, who just captured their 3rd world series in five seasons (for those living under a rock), beating the Kansas City Royals 3-2 in Game 7. I’ll readily admit that I am not the most ardent baseball fan, but any sports fan can appreciate the tense […]

NBA Preview: Back of the Jersey Collaboration

For more of our 2014 NBA preview, click here.   Jim Armstrong If the Mavericks vs. Spurs game is any indication, we’re in for a great NBA season. The Rick Carlisle led Mavericks match up well with the Spurs and compete with them better than any other team in the league (as evidenced by their 7-game […]

Week 8 Picks – The League That We’ll Never Figure Out

Rory Goulding You probably don’t know this, but Peyton Manning is a very good quarterback. I wasn’t sure of it either until he made my favorite team look like a bunch of 8th graders last Sunday night. STATS! Through his first 38 games in Denver, Manning’s thrown 111 touchdown passes. If that number doesn’t impress […]

Week 6 Thursday Night Picks & A Look at the QB Situation Across the League

Jim Armstrong Remember a year and a half ago when the Texans were coming off a divisional loss to the New England Patriots and a dominating 12-win season? The Texans were bringing back their core guys and were poised to dominate the AFC and take the next step in their journey from expansion franchise in […]

Week 5 Picks & The Moribund Landscape of Minnesota Pro Sports

  Rory Goulding: Before we talk about tonight’s game, I just wanted to let you know that it took me until Week 2 to remember that the Minnesota Vikings weren’t playing in their home Metro Dome stadium anymore. For (at least) the next two seasons, the Vikings will call the University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank […]